July 2021 – Jonathan Harvey-Thomas

In July 2021 Window Gallery hosted a series of nature inspired embroidery art featuring a colourful array of beautiful birds. The exhibition “What Lockdown Made Me Do” by Jonathan Harvey-Thomas was at The Window Gallery from 3rd – 30th July. A video of the exhibition with music by The Frestonians is available on YouTube.

When did you start making art? I have always created Art ever since I was a child which let me to become and Art Teacher in 2008. Alongside this I have been making and selling art professionally since 2015.

What sort of art do you create? Has this changed over time? My art has been quite fluid over the years as I love to turn my hand at all sorts of mediums and learn new skills. However, for the last few years I have had a passion for embroidery art as I love the textures it creates. I have been working on perfecting my technique and have now developed me own style.

What inspires you? I am hugely inspired by nature – the sounds, colours, textures and obviously the visuals. Here in the UK we are spoilt with our surroundings and growing up in Wales where I was surrounded by green fills me with creativity. I love and appreciate the natural world around me – from flowers, to birds to the sea.

What do you do if you’re not inspired? There are 2 things that solve a creative block for me. I either drink tea or go for a walk. I find tea can aid any negative mood- the whole process of making the tea and then that little 5 minutes of heaven drinking it, taking in every sip. Fresh air- particularly walking my dog, breaking in the fresh air clears my mind. With both of these things I feel I can create my art with a positive and creative energy.

Where do you practice art? I practice my art at my home studio where I feel most comfortable. I also practise through my job as a teacher where I have the privilege to demonstrate my skills to my students.

Do you have any connections with the art community in Chelmsford? I have connections with the Chelmsford Museum where I had my own exhibition.

Through collaboration work local artist Holly Parr – we have sold pieces of art through The Pop Up Shop in Chelmsford’s Bond Street.

How often do you create? I am always creating for fun and work. I try and create at least one of my own pieces a month between commissions- which I generally do 2-3 a month. I believe it is really important to get that balance between my own ideas and therequests of others.

What’s the best thing about being an artist? The thing I love the most about being an artist is the freedom to create and getting lost in what I create. Just getting that random idea, then really visualising what it may look like and how it will be made, through to the final piece. My art also really aids my mental health as it’s a place I feel most zen.

Where have you exhibited before? I had a solo exhibition at the Chelmsford Museum in 2017 called ‘The Journey’s Of Hercules and I’. This was a series of work based on walks with my dog in textiles and print. I have also exhibited work there for their annual group art exhibitions. Holly and I currently have our collaboration work on display at The Wonky Wheel gallery in Finchingfeild.

Do you sell your work? If so, is it difficult to part with it? I sell my artwork both originals and commissions. I do this through my Instagram, website and Etsy. I do find it hard to part with as I feel quite protective over my pieces, as I know how much thought, love, time and effort I put into each piece. However, I take huge enjoyment from seeing my pieces in their new homes and the happiness it brings to the buyer.

What superpower would you have and why? This is an easy one for me. I would love the power to teleport. To be somewhere else in the blink of an eye. Not only would this enable me to see family that live far away. But imagine all the places in the world you could visit, all the amazing things you could see in such a short space of time.

Instagram – @jonnyhy.act

Website – https://jonnyrv.wixsite.com/artwebsite