Upcoming Art Exhibitions

  Window Gallery promotes the work of local artists. As such, we put up a new display every month. We pressed pause on our physical exhibitions for a bit but are now back and have a full programme of fabulous artists to show you for 2021. We are also continuing our virtual exhibitions, these are videos of the pieces that along with music by local bands and musicians. You can see a list of our upcoming art exhibitions below.

For each exhibition we will share lots of pics with you here, and on Instagram. You can read an interview with each artist on our Facebook page and in The City Times and of course our virtual exhibitions can be found on our YouTube channel.


Unfortunatley, we will be closing at the beginning of March 2022. I have had such a good time running this little gallery, I have laughed, I have cried and I have thwacked my thumb with a hammer more times than I care to remember. I would like to extend a huge thankyou to the art lovers who have stopped by to take a look. To supportive friends and family who have made this little adventure possible. And, most importantly to all of the artists who have displayed their work in the gallery.





Our exhibitions have always included a wide range of styles. For example since 2018 we have shown you: skate art, photography, painting, mosaic, digital art, sculpture, papier mache, portraiture, landscape design, pottery and more. You can take a look back at all of our past shows here.

More information about our Upcoming Art Exhibitions can be found on our Facebook Page