April 2020 – Lynn Excell Exhibition

Seeing as you couldn’t come to us, we brought the Lynn Excell exhibition to you in our first-ever virtual exhibition.

We shared pics of Lynn’s work here on Facebook and over on Instagram. As well as a beautiful video featuring music by Black Chapel.

Lynn is adept at many styles and media. She exhibited portraits, florals, abstracts and her incredible stitch art.

We had a chat with Lynn to find out more about her art practice

When did you start making art?

When I was maybe 6? I used to make fancy lady dress pictures using quality street wrappers, with my Nan Excell. I went to art college after secondary school, but left after a year and changed direction. My most recent bout of making art started with crochet after my brother died-8 years ago. It’s impossible for me to go back now!

What sort of art do you create?

Ah, now there’s a question! I’m not very good at sticking to one particular type of art/craft-I find I get bored if I’m restricted. So-I paint, take photos, crochet, embroider and write! Within that, I use a variety of techniques-some of my work is loose, some more detailed-it depends on the subject and my mood. I also use all the mediums-watercolour, acrylic, oil, collage, as well as textile/fibre art.

What inspires you?

Everything! (I know, everyone says that!) I’m not keen on doing landscapes-other people do it better than me, and I prefer being ‘in it’ than seeing pictures of it, to be honest. So I prefer people and objects. I like doing portraits, but I’m not particularly keen on hyper-realistic work, so they tend to be me trying to get what the person is all about, rather than completely life-like. (Plus, again, other people do realism far better than me!) Often, the inspiration comes out of nowhere-particularly with taking photos, I will just see something that I think looks good as a composition, or is a bit quirky, and that’s what I’ll use.

The creative community in Chelmsford is always a big inspiration too. I love being around them, and always feel part of them. Going to meetings, life drawing sessions and other things like this help to get the creative juices flowing.

And what if you’re not inspired?

I think this is where it’s nice that I like different disciplines. I never seem to not want to do at least something creative-I may not want to paint for a while, but then I’ll crochet, or I may not want to crochet, so then I’ll write. If all else fails, I read a book!

How often do you create?

All the time. Literally. Eating and sleeping get in the way!

What’s the best thing about being an artist?

Being able to express yourself-having an outlet. In the difficult situation we are in at the moment, creativity has come into it’s own-there are live classes, videos, more people buying crafting materials, than ever before. To me, this means that when the chips are down, arts and crafts (and by arts I mean film, theatre etc. too) bring us some solace.

Is it difficult to part with your work when you sell it?

Yes, I do. Sometimes it is, but I love the idea of someone choosing my work to be theirs, and I’m happy for it to go to another home.

What superpower would you have and why?

Hmmm…to be able to fly-for the sense of freedom it would bring, and so that I could see things from a different perspective!

You can see more of Lynn’s work on her Instagram @lynnexcellart Facebook Lynn Excell Art Twitter @Lynn_Excell and Website www.lynnexcell.co.uk

Lynn also has work available in our shop.