December 2021 – Mel Newing

Mel Newing Art graced the Window Gallery in December 2021. The beautiful animal artworks were available to view in the gallery, below is an interview with the artist.

When did you start making art?: I first started drawing in 2012, doodling and not expecting anything to turn out great. But, being that impressed that the art looked lifelike, I decided I should do some serious learning! So I enrolled on a course with The London Art College and taught myself the in’s and out’s.

What sort of art do you create? Has this changed over time?: Mainly pastel animal/pet portraits. I’ve tried a lot of different materials in order to find what I really love doing but I will dip in to each medium depending on how I feel. Variety isn’t a bad thing some times although I think you have to be careful to not spread yourself too thinly! I’m currently learning Affinity Designer and creating 3D computer art which I’m loving too. I’ve also been a part of creating 2 garden wall murals for my workplace. We lost a colleague, my old crewmate, to Covid last year so a memorial garden was created where everyone can go and have a little bit of relaxed downtime before going back out on the road.

What inspires you?: The animal kingdom and nature! Plus I love creating portraits of peoples furry friends, past and present. There’s a massive joy in watching someones face light up when they see a finished piece. There’s a healing that takes place with art and this is very inspiring and gives me the boost to keep creating.

How often do you create?: I work full time for the Ambulance Service so my art takes place on my rest days. I’m always doing something creative, whether on paper, canvas or computer. I find it pretty hard to sit and do nothing! Although it can be hard to find the time to do everything I would like. If only we could create more time……..

What’s the best thing about being an artist?: I always love watching something that I’m creating grow – the full process, from beginning to end, is very satisfying even if the finished piece doesn’t work or gets binned. You’re always learning new skills, always developing and bettering yourself in something. Being creative is just a very joyous bubble to be in. It’s meditative and there’s a great sense of achievement, after all the hard work and tears, when you can step back and say “I created that!”.

Do you sell your work? If so, is it difficult to part with it?: Yes, all my work is for sale and I’m lucky enough to get commissions too. It’s not too difficult to part with art – it takes up a lot of room! I’ve got some pieces which will stay with me, otherwise I would rather other people be able to enjoy my work.

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