Lynn Excell

Lynn Excell covers a wide variety of themes, styles and mediums in her work. She says “I paint, take photos, crochet, embroider and write! Within that, I use a variety of techniques; some of my work is loose, some more detailed, it depends on the subject and my mood.  I also use all the mediums; watercolour, acrylic, oil, collage, as well as textile/fibre art”.

She adds, “I never seem to not want to do at least something creative. I may not want to paint for a while, but then I’ll crochet, or I may not want to crochet, so then I’ll write. If all else fails, I read a book!”

Window Gallery created our first virtual exhibition for Lynn’s work in April 2020. Visit our past exhibitions page to see more.
We asked Lynn if it was hard to part with her work “Sometimes it is, but I love the idea of someone choosing my work to be theirs, and I’m so happy for it to go to another home.”

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