January 2020 – Teigh-Anne Shave Exhibition

In January 2020 Window Gallery presented ‘The Loss of Hope’, a narrative exhibition by Teigh-Anne Shave.

The paintings read from left to right as a story of community and perseverance bringing life and joy from despair.

The Window Gallery Chelmsford presents Teigh-Anne Shave
January 2020

We exhibited one of Teigh-Anne’s pieces in a group exhibition last January so we were honoured to display her first ever solo exhibition.

She says ” I’m so proud of this work! Celebrating and really sitting in this feeling of completion and ticking another ‘I’ve always wanted to…’ and ‘what do I want to really say?’ off of my list”.

Teigh-Anne also has the title of being the 100th artist to show at the gallery! Take a look at the work of the other 99 artists on our past exhibitions page.

We displayed some of Teigh-Anne’s smaller works along the shelf. You can purchase prints by getting in touch with teigh-anne@tashave.co.uk.

Teigh-Anne will donate 20% of her sales to our neighbours at Sanctus (Registered Charity no. 1150313).

The exhibition ran from Sat 4th January until Tuesday 4th February 2020.